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​Section One Lake

R281.769.9 - Water skiing and high-speed boating prohibited.
On the waters of Section One lake, section 36, town 29 north, range 3 west, Otsego Lake township, Otsego county, it is unlawful to:
​(a) Operate a vessel at high speed.
​(b) Have in tow, or otherwise assist in the propulsion of, a person on water skis, water sled, surfboard, or other similar contrivance. (See R281.720.9 for the regulation covering that part of Section One lake that lies in Crawford county.)

​​ "High Speed Boating" is defined as a speed at which a boat reaches a planing condition.

​​Parking Passes

We have brought back the Members Parking Passes. All members must have passes in the front lower passenger side window.  They are window clings, so there is no worry of sticky residue.  Please pick your passes up at the Clubhouse.  We will be monitoring the amenities for non member use and issuing warnings to those who do not have stickers. Second offense the vehicle will be towed at the owners expense. ​​If you have guests that will be using our amenities, please stop by the clubhouse for a temporary guest pass.  

​​​​​County Lots For Sale
The county has a surplus of EFPOA lots that they have foreclosed upon. They are offering these lots to current EFPOA property owners whose property abuts the County lot (who are in good standing and current on property taxes) for $70. This price includes sale price plus handling and filing fee)
​​Lots that are available...

For more info, please call Sherice at 989-732-1942​






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